Whatashield Plus+

WhataShield Plus+


WhataShield Plus Performance Guide

WhataShield Plus is the ultimate in performance finish technology exclusively offered through Architex.

This incredible PFAS-Free technology creates the best of both worlds, utilizing WhataShield’s super hydrophilic surface technology along with LightShield’s hydrophobic repellency. With Whatashield Plus, fabrics become ink and stain-resistant to water and oil-based spills as well as denim-dye transfer resistant. WhataShield Plus serves as a UV protection enhancer and VOC eliminator; purifying the air continuously and releasing clean oxygen back into the environment. It is inherently antimicrobial and durable to all disinfectant cleaners allowing for any cleaning protocol. Apply WhataShield Plus to any woven or non-woven Architex pattern.

Patterns Suitable For WhataShield Plus