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The warmth of natural light can make your house feel like home. Sheer fabric drapes are the perfect choice for those who love the energetic glow of natural light, but need a little shade to feel comfortable. Sheer drapery fabrics are lightweight, high quality and durable. They allow the most amount of light through of any of our fabrics while still offering a minimal sense of privacy. Choose from bright and dark colors, elegant to rustic styles and simple or more extravagant patterns.  Many styles offer defined, sophisticated patterns while others calm your room with more soothing tones.

Sheer curtain fabrics can stand alone, but are often used underneath a room darkening or blackout drape. All of our sheer fabrics our 100% polyester with lightfastness capabilities at 40 hours; Method AATCC 16. Various sheer drapery fabric widths are available, all of which are FR Free with first-class ACT Performance Standard designations