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Alta is a textile technology that is application driven and engineered for every space. Alta gives you the freedom to specify from a vast array of textiles and the confidence to know they will hold up beautifully. Alta helps keep textiles soft and beautiful while enduring to harsh environments. 


BioAm (Biodegradable Anti-Microbial) is a topical anti-microbial finish that may be applied to upholstery, drapery, cubicles, panels and top-of-bed. BioAm provides protection against microbes including MRSA, gram negative and positive bacteria, mold, fungi and algae. Its non-leaching technology does not come of and contains no arsenic, tin, heavy metals or polychlorinated Phenols. BioAm is effective for the life of the product and is a technology that is provided with Alta.


Crypton is a patented, revolutionary performance textile technology that provides extreme protection from liquids, stains and odors that lasts the life of the product. Crypton utilizes Silver Ion technology and is GREENGUARD gold certified. Mainly used for upholstery, this technology is built into the fabric and cannot be added to an item. 


INCASE is a fabric treatment powered by Crypton technology that provides stain resistance, easy stain release and resists the growth of microbial odors. It is suitable for anywhere that a moisture barrier isn’t necessary and is customizable for various fiber types. 


Nanotex powered by Crypton, is a stain repellent treatment that is built into the molecular structure of the fiber to protect against spills and stains.


Architex Write-Off ink & stain resistant technology helps protect fabric from accidental ink marks, spills and stains. This technology is built into select Architex upholstery products and cannot be added as an after treatment.