ACT Performance Guidelines

ACT Performance Guidelines

ACT Performance Guidelines

Architex is a member of the Association of Contract Textiles (ACT) and tests and certifies our fabrics according to the ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines. Each performance guideline has an associated icon representing the relevant test data to make fabric specification easier. These icons may be seen on all Architex sampling and represent meeting or exceeding ACT’s criteria for Flammability and four aspects of fabric durability: Wet & Dry Crocking, Colorfastness to Light, Physical Properties and Abrasion.

ACT Guide to Textile Specification

Abrasion Disclaimer

Abrasion test results exceeding ACT Performance Guidelines are not an indicator of product lifespan. Multiple factors affect fabric durability and appearance retention; including end-user application and proper maintenance.


Current ACT abrasion minimums:


Woven + Knit Fabrics (low traffic) | 15,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs / 20,000 Martindale cycles

Woven + Knit Fabrics (high traffic) | 30,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs / 40,000 Martindale cycles

Non-Woven Fabrics | 50,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs


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Click below to learn more about the performance guidelines for woven, non-woven and knit fabrics and the testing methods along with access to printable pdfs and testing videos.

flammability  Flammability

wet_dry_crock  Wet + Dry Crocking

colorfast_light  Colorfastness to Light

physical_properties  Physical Properties

abrasion_low_traffic  Abrasion (Low Traffic)

abrasion_high_traffic  Abrasion (High Traffic)